14th VERT Forum

VERT Forum 2024

14th VERT Forum

  • 22.03.2024

  • Dübendorf, Switzerland

The 14th VERT Forum is fast approaching, and it offers an exclusive opportunity for VERT members to engage with experts in the field of road transport and emissions reduction.

Next year’s forum will feature a diverse range of topics, including presentations and discussions related to the AeroSolfd project.

While specific details regarding the main focus of this year’s forum are forthcoming, previous events have addressed significant subjects such as emission legislation, non-tailpipe emissions (including those from tires and brakes), in-cabin emissions, and NPTI (Non-Personal Transport Infrastructure).

The event serves as a vital platform to stay informed about the latest developments in emissions reduction and environmental impact within the road transport industry, being free for VERT members.

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