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Year of Foundation

About us

VERT is an international association of emission control system manufacturers, implementing best available technology for emission reduction as particle filters, catalytic converters, and particulate measurement devices. Its members are stakeholders in the emission reduction industry, test institutions, engine manufacturers and academics. VERT`s goal is to facilitate technologies and promote policies and programs to improve air quality by effective reduction of all toxic emissions from internal combustion engines.

More about us

VERT has been consciously working to increase awareness of verified emission-reduction technologies and provides international advisory support for emission reduction in road transport and the workplace, which has contributed to the progress and the mitigation of health risks in Europe, China, South America, the USA, Iran and Israel.

Role in the Project

VERT will test 1,000 vehicles and retrofit 50 vehicles in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), Switzerland (Biel) and Israel (Haifa). Furthermore, VERT has developed a structured process to work out retrofit schemes. It was developed to advise policymakers on how to proceed to improve urban air and to demonstrate the measures to authorities and the public. This will be used in AeroSolfd.


Lars Larsen

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