Javno podjetje Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o. (LPP)






Year of Foundation

About us

The most important task of the public company Javno podjetje Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o. is to provide safe, reliable and smooth-running public transport in the area of the entire City Municipality of Ljubljana and sixteen suburban municipalities. It represents the arteries of the city and the strongest link in caring for the environment. To be able to accomplish our mission and achieve our goals, it is extremely important for LPP to cooperate closely with the City Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL), the district communities and the suburban municipalities representing their inhabitants and simultaneously passengers to whom LPP provides safe, comfortable and affordable transport. The owner and founder of LPP d.o.o. is JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana d.o.o. The core activity of LPP is the transport of passengers in the public city traffic. The auxiliary activities of LPP d.o.o. include the maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles, technical examinations, type approvals and attestation of vehicles.

Role in the Project

In AeroSolfd project, LPP will act as a demo site. Measurements are going to be performed on LPP’s buses in real life – vehicles operating in PT in Ljubljana. LPP will provide support for execution of measurements. In LPP’s depot there is personnel specialised in electric and mechanical field who will help with installation of measuring equipment.

LPP’s main role is to provide all necessary support for measurements of emissions in real circumstances during vehicle operation.
Dissemination activities regarding LPP’s part will be carried out in cooperation with project partners trough LPP’s communication channels.


Gregor Cunder

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