Instituto de Tecnologia Comportamental Associacao Para o Desenvolvimento Económico e Social (INTEC)






Year of Foundation

About us

INTEC is a Technological Development Centre working to develop innovative products and solutions through the application of “social and behavioral sciences in practice”. By changing behaviours INTEC significantly contributes for high-impact solutions on people, organizations and communities.

Our action is based on five core values: “Community”, “Innovation”, “Applied Science”, “Impact” and “Active Voice in Society”. Since its beginning INTEC has been working in areas such as Quality of Life, Psychosocial Risks, Governance, Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills, processes and ecosystems.

More about us

We are a multidisciplinary team, composed by specialists in wide areas of behavioral, social and human sciences, such as Psychology, Sociology, Management, Human Resources, Data Analysis or Demography.

Role in the Project

INTEC assigned to AeroSolfd a team of experts on social and health impact assessment, and psychosocial monitoring of transport projects, with vast expertise in air quality perception. INTEC focuses on people’s concerns and perceptions to identify the best ways to communicate new information and evaluate communication success. With this expertise, in the AeroSolfd project, INTEC will address air pollution with the power of the citizens for cleaner air retrofit solutions and lead awareness-raising actions throughout Europe.


Dalila Antunes

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