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About us

Valladolid is a medium-sized city located in north-central Spain. With a population of 300.000 inhabitants (some 450.000 in its metropolitan area) it is the centre of businesses and leisure of the region and capital and primary seat of government of the autonomous community of Castile and Leon.

The city, a strategic communications node, is located on the important northwest economic axis between Galicia, the Basque Country and Madrid. It is one hour away from Madrid, easily accessed by high-speed train. Furthermore, it lies on the Helsinki-Lisbon transport hub of the Atlantic corridor which connects Portugal with the rest of Europe.

Valladolid City Council is the local government public entity responsible for the provision and management of the main public services for the Municipality, including the public passenger transport service run by AUVASA.

About us

The commitment to improving the quality of life of citizens through sustainability is at the core of the city’s growth. In recent years it has stood out for the management of pioneering programmes in areas such as renaturalisation, clean mobility, digitalisation, efficient construction, circular economy and new governance models.

A roadmap based on a holistic approach has led Valladolid to be chosen as one of the 100 Smart and Climate-Neutral Cities that are part of an ambitious Horizon Europe Mission.

Role in the Project

Valladolid City Council, through the Urban Mobility Centre and the Agency for Innovation and Economic Development, will provide the expert knowledge and the required data related to road traffic for the calculation of the baseline of emissions from bus brakes and, with it, the “equivalent cycle” for a typical route. This process of cycle development will be documented to be applicable to other cities.

In addition, it will include this information in its smart city platform and open data portal. It will also provide the necessary support (regulations, infrastructures, etc.) to AUVASA and the project to carry out other actions in the city.


Agency for Innovation and Economic Development of Valladolid

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